Shaen chemical not only provides the high-performance& custom-tailored biocides&preservatives, but also provides below technical supports:

  • ● Over 30 years of experience with preservatives and a broad range of different actives and blends, contributing to solve nearly every formulation problem a customer can imagine. Provides innovative products for the customers timely .
  • ● Equipped with kinds of laboratories, to provide timely and quickly technical support  to the customers, the labs include  R&D center, microbiology laboratory, physical& chemical laboratory, application laboratory.
  • ● Expertise team can provide variety of services:

★ An extensive range of microbiological tests, e.g. challenge-test, total viable count assessment, identification of contamination etc. These services will help provide solutions for any preservation problems within the world of personal care and industrial formulations.

Test target covering personal care、wet wipes、textile、painting& coating、 emulsion、adhesive、leather and plastic…

Test methods including but not limited to:

– BS EN ISO standards.

These include total viable counts, disinfection testing and

the European Pharmacopoeia test method.

– Industry recognized methods.

In-can and dry film challenge testing for a wide range

of industrial applications.

– Japanese standards.

Unique methods for the testing of antimicrobial surfaces.

– ASTM methods.

Including diffusion tests, shake flask methods and the testing of leather…

★Plant Hygiene Audit

monitor your plant,highlighting areas contaminated and advise the appropriate measure required to keep hygiene under control.